20th - 21st MAY 2021

I Meeting of Confraternities and Brotherhoods.

The European Network of Holy Week and Easter Celebrations is an organisation working for the dissemination of traditions linked to Holy Week and Easter, and in this way safeguard their rich heritage.

Its main goal is to contribute towards a greater understanding of this vast legacy which is still alive in many parts of Europe. A legacy that combines significant local differences with common elements spread across many regions.

The bearer communities structured in Brotherhoods and Confraternities are a key part that show us the great depth and social wealth that keeps these traditions alive. We aim to create a collaboration network to foment exchange, dialogue and cooperation.

In this way, we are organising an on-line meeting of Brotherhoods and Confraternities with the objective of generating a forum in which we can discuss, among other topics, the reality and challenges that will ensure the future continuity of our celebrations.

Registration is free of charge. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Registration / to 19th May 2021

Registration for the meeting ends on 19th May 2021. Please send us the form with your details. The organisation will get in touch with the participants to confirm their registration near the time of the meeting.



20th May. 

  • 7.00 – 8.00 pm


Round Table: Need for the development and continuity of Easter and Holy Week celebrations from the standpoint of confraternities and brotherhoods

Moderator: Antonio Galiano, Chronicler of the City of Orihuela (Alicante, Spain)

  1. José Veiga Golpe. President of the Council of Holy Week Confraternities of Viveiro (Spain).
  2. Gonzalo Montoya Alcocer. President of the Glorious Confraternity of the Holy Sacrament and Mary Immaculate in Orihuela (Spain).
  3. Cav. Alessandro Barrafranca. Associazione Giovedì Santo – Museo delle Vare, Caltanisetta, Sicily (Italy).
  4. Bernardo Reis. Provedor da Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Braga (Portugal)
  5. Francisco José Heredia. Secretary of the Council of Brotherhoods of Alcalá La Real, Jaén (Spain).


  • 8.00 – 9.00 pm


Round Table: Advantages and disadvantages of tourism in connection with religious celebrations and traditions.

Moderator: Pilar Panero, Lecturer at the University of Valladolid

  1. Gerlando Taibi. Gran Cerimoniere Real Maestranza di Caltanisetta, Sicily (Italy).
  2. Noel Castillo, Vittoriosa Holy Crucifix confraternity and Managing Director of a Tourism promotion agency, Birgu (Malta).
  3. Antonio Candil. Secretary of the General Group of Brotherhoods and Confraternities of Priego de Córdoba (Spain).
  4. Juan Andrés Ibáñez Vilches, Director of Paso Blanco Museum of Embroidery (muBBla), (Lorca, Spain).


21st May.

  • 7.00 – 8.00 pm


Round Table: Confraternities and Holy Week. The role of brotherhoods and confraternities in the creation and management of Holy Week Museums.

Moderator: Francisco Javier Gómez, Co-founder of the Museum of Sacred Art of the Brotherhood of the Good End in Cabra (Córdoba, Spain)

      1. José Sáez Sironi. President of the Higher Council of Confraternities, Brotherhoods and Administrators of Holy Week in Orihuela. Director of the Holy Week Museum in Orihuela (Spain).
      2. Dra. Concetta Cataldo. Associazione Teatro della Parola, Caltanisetta, Sicily (Italy).
      3. Rafael Sánchez. Higher Brother of the Brotherhood of the Column, Lucena (Córdoba, Spain).
      4. Diana Murcia Guilabert, director of the Blue Museum of Holy Week (Mass), (Lorca, Spain).


  • 8.00 – 9.00 pm


Round Table:  Networking. Towards an international collaboration framework for brotherhoods and confraternities.

Moderator: Julio Grande, Coordinator of the Scientific Committee of the European Network of Holy Week and Easter Celebrations

    1. Joze Stukl. Brotherhoods and Confraternities of the Škofja Loka Passion Play, Slovenia.
    2. Don Manuel Bernabé Belmonte. Institutional Social Communication at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome.
    3. Guillermo Iván Bernal Trujillo. President of the Association of Confraternities and Brotherhoods of Baena, Córdoba (Spain).
    4. Álvaro Reina. President of the Council of Brotherhoods and Confraternities of Osuna, Seville (Spain).

Registration / Free registration is available until 19th May 2021.

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